Drop in child care in Kamloops - Sweet Home Kids Drop in Care


Service Date and Hours
DATE: Thursday, Friday and Saturday (We are closed on holidays)
HOURS: 1:00 pm to 8:00pm (Last sign-in : 7:00pm)
Please book the spot if you drop in your child after 5pm. Please make a call or E-mail till one day before of the daycare date.

Age Group
18 months to under grade 1

Service Hours Rules
Max 3 hours per day
Max 40 hours per month
Min 30 minutes care time
Count every 30 minutes

$7.00 / hour (Count every 30 minutes)
No registration fee required
*Please review REPAYMENT AGREEMENT of consent form

Spots and Ratio
Max. 8 children at once.
Child : Staff = 4:1
You can book a spot. Or, you can just come and sign in.

Our Staff
All staff has First Aid, a Criminal Record Check and a child care course certificate.

Parents drop off their children anytime during our service hours. We offer quality care for all children with a fun, healthy and educational essence.

Our goal is best service for both parents and children for their healthy life.
1.Parents can easily access our facility and have time to leave and get their errands done.
2.Our facility is open for adults who need to do something without their children.
3.Our facility is a welcoming and friendly environment for kids and parents to make new friends.
4.Children stay and play without any worry and parents know their children are safe.
5.Care for parents and childrenfs healthy life (both physically and mentally)
Our facility is open as a caf? with kids play area too. (Please check caf? business hours). We use this kids play area for kids care service for all parents.

How we provide care.
We maintain a clean and comfortable environment. We try to reduce the daily stress on a child by providing quality care and by offering children time and flexibility to observe others and experience the joys of play. No one is left unsupervised at any time during the operating hours. Our supervision is essential to minimising accidents and to ensuring that the childrenfs safety is held in the highest regard every day.
Our facility is available for children between the ages of 18 months to grade 1. We care for a variety of ages, skill levels and backgrounds.

We try to provide the following for a variety of ages:
1. We provide a wide range of choices- we find that most of the day is comprised of unstructured gFree Playh and we provide a wide range of materials and activities that are appropriate for various children. We provide lots of choices for play. We have separate active play/quiet play sections and allow children to enjoy free play. They have the choice to play wherever they like.
2. We provide materials that are used specifically for an age group- not all toys or areas need to be gone size fits allh. It is fine to have some toys that are of specific interest for only one age group.
3. We consider the age of each child- Safety is paramount. Materials that are safe and appropriate for younger children can be arranged in easy to reach bins or containers. We also provide small sized furniture and step stools for younger age groups.
4. We select toys and materials that are open ended and can be used in many ways- balls, art materials, blocks, etc. can be used by children with various abilities and they will use the materials in increasingly complex ways.
5. We focus on individual or small group activities- asking a group of children of differing ages to participate in the same activities may bore older children or frustrate younger children.
6. We take opportunities to promote cooperation and team work- we encourage children to help each other and solve problems together.
7. We accept the fact that we may need to be flexible when scheduling daily routines- meeting the needs of individual children may mean that we need to veer from routine. As an occasional day care, we should try to be more flexible about following routines or schedules.
8. We have knowledge of childrenfs social development- most preschoolers play time is playing alone or watching others play. We encourage social play and social development, but understand that cooperative play requires more social maturity than non-social and parallel play.
Our occasional day care program schedules are flexible, even though we have a daily routine plan. We take a variety of age groups and provide a play place and toys that are helpful for playing and learning.
1. We must take extra safety precautions when there are infants or toddlers in care
2. Planning structured activities is difficult when there are children with various abilities and interests.
3. Daily routines, such as quiet time, may need to be more flexible to accommodate different ages.
4. Older children may prefer same aged peers and resent the younger children in a play group.

Daily Routine Schedule
We are operating an occasional day care, and our care service is really flexible, however, we have a routine schedule as a standard following childrenfs natural inner clock schedule. 

1:00pm ? 1:15pm Open for Occasional Day Care (Potty time and Wash Hands time)
1:15pm ? 3:00pm Quiet Play time
3:00pm ? 3:15pm Potty time
3:15pm ? 3:45pm Drink and Snack Time as needed
3:45pm ? 5:45pm Active Play
5:45pm ? 6:00pm Potty Time
6:00pm ? 6:30pm Quiet Time
6:30pm - 7:00pm Drink and Snack Time as needed
7:00pm ? 8:00pm Story or Movie Time
*Clean-up and hand washing time always comes before potty time and snack time.
*Children can go to the bathroom anytime. (If they ask us, we will take them).
*We ask that parents feed children and take them to the bathroom before they come to our facility, however, we do have drink and snack time for children on our routine schedule.

Records for Each child
When you register, we set up a childfs record for your child. Please see our Registration Form and Emergency Consent Forms. Records are used for Registration and in case of an Emergency situation. Records will only be seen by a childfs parent and our staff. This facility keeps the child record which the parent provides for us. Any information or records held regarding your family and child will be kept confidential. The only release of information or record would be for a legal matter that is requested or required by law. It is also appreciated that any information you become aware of regarding other families at child care be kept confidential.
*Please see our gChildfs record and information policyh.

A policy for safe release of children
Parents must accompany children in and out of child care. Children will only be accepted and released in the presence of our staff. Parents are required to sign-in and sign-out on the provided sheet every time the children are picked up and dropped off. Children must be with their parents when parents sign up for our care service at our front counter. A different person can pick up your child, but the parent must leave his/her name before they leave our place. We will ask for their ID and make a record as needed. If the parent is deemed incapable and insists on taking their children, we will release them to the parents care and call the RCMP.
We manage who picks up each child by our childrenfs record. Children will only be released to their parents or to someone authorized by the parent (this information is shown in our childrenfs record). We explain to parents that in case of an emergency, when no previously authorized person can pick up their child, they must call us with the name and description of the person they authorize to pick up their child and a valid photo ID of this individual will be required before their child is released. We will make a written record of the parentfs instructions, including the name, description and identification number (like a driverfs license number) of the individual the parent has authorized to pick up their child.
*Please check gChild Release Policyh.

Emergency Situation
All staff is trained for emergency situations under the Guide of Provincial Emergency Program BC. There is always a possibility we will experience an emergency situation (Earthquakes etc.). We will make every effort to maintain a safe situation for your children. In the event of an emergency situation, our facility may close until our business is back to normal. Also, if a staff member experiences any accidents, such us injuries, we may close our facility until everyone has recovered and can come back to work. We will announce our re-opening as soon as possible.
If we experience an emergency situation, we will call the police or the fire department as needed. Staff will ensure your children are safe. After the first action is complete, children will be gathered as quickly as possible. Their contact info, a first aid kit and a cell phone will also be gathered. These supplies (Contact info, first aid kit and cell phone etc.) must be in a visible place near the play space.
We are stocked with water, dry food, cash, a first aid kit, medications, diapers & wipes and small play toys for emergency situations.
We keep those materials to minimize the impact of emergencies.

In preparing for emergency situations:
A first aid kit, a pen, the childrenfs information, the manager and staff memberfs information and emergency supplies are kept beside the front table for quick and easy access.
Smoke alarms are tested monthly.
All staff knows how to work the fire extinguishers, shut off the gas line, hydro, water and furnace (if applicable).
We expect parents to teach their children what to do in the case of emergencies before they have completed our sign-up document.
There is a designated meeting place in case of an emergency.
*Please check gPolicy of the emergency situationh

Emergency Evacuations
We will take children to a safe place within walking distance as needed. If we can still use our vehicle, we will use it to transport children who cannot walk by themselves. If necessary, we will take our vehicle to the safe site.
The locations in case of an emergency evacuation are as follows:
This emergency plan may change due to weather condition, season etc. The manager and staff will have supplies as needed (Childrenfs records, drinks and dry food etc.)

Child Care Resource and Referral (open till 6:00 pm)
1420 Hugh Allan Drive Kamloops BC V1S 1L8  Phone : 250-372-7791

Tournament Capital Centre (open till 11:00 pm on weekdays, open till 9:30 pm on weekends)
910 McGill Road Kamloops BC V2C 6N6  Phone : 250-828-3655

Behavioural Guidance
To maintain a positive environment for everyone and to build up the childrenfs skills, we have the process of administering a consequence. If the manger or a staff member notices a childfs bad behaviour, we would first make sure that they understand what they did wrong and then gave them a suggestion. If they donft understand and do the same thing again, I will count down (3, 2, 1) to give them a chance to think about it. If a child is out of control, or poses a danger to any other person, the child will be held in a safe, appropriate position until the behaviour subsides. Our staff should know that a childfs behaviour has different levels of development depending on a childfs age, experiences, etc. We try to tell them why that is bad behaviour, and suggest what is good instead. We focus on the behaviour, not the childrenfs personality. We will not make a child feel ashamed or guilty about anything they do. We focus on correcting and encouraging the childrenfs behaviour, not them. Good behaviour will be enforced with words and gestures.
About time away
It does not mean time out. Time away means giving children time to calm down. If a child becomes very hyper and doesnft listen to any of our warnings, we will take the child out of the play area (which has a slide, tunnel and toys) and sit down with them and make them calm down. We give them the time to think about how they are feeling and why they need this time in a quiet environment. This time helps them to build up their self-control skills. This time away should not be a punishment. We carefully take this time for children as needed.

Accident, incident and sickness policy
The welfare of all children and staff is a high priority at our facility and this policy aims to ensure that the standard of care is maintained.
*Please check the gConsent from a parent to treat with first aid, to call a medical practitioner or an ambulance in case of accident or illness if the parent cannot immediately be reachedh.
1. Children with contagious infections are not permitted to attend the centre (refer to communicable disease guidelines from manager and staff members, local government authorities and medical practitioners). Examples of contagious infections (when children should not attend care at the facility) are:
*high fever 38+
*Chicken pox and any other infectious disease
2. In case of an accident, the matter will be dealt with in the facility (with the use of a fully equipped first aid kit) and will be administered by a first aid certificate holder.
3. The facility management reserves the right to refuse care to a child they deem is infectious or too sick to participate in activities. Parents are responsible for the childfs normal fees during any absence due to illness.

Food and Drink Policy
At our facility, parents must give their child enough food and drinks before they leave their child to be cared for; however, we consider meals and snacks for children very important parts of the day. We provide food and drinks if children need them (following our routine schedule). We provide simple nutritional food and drinks that follow the Canada Food Guide. Parents must tell us if their child has any allergies. This facility keeps each childfs record, so staff will be able to accommodate their allergies and must provide them with allergy-free food instead of regular foods.

Milk policy
Our facility provides cowfs milk and water for all children. If a child cannot drink cowfs milk because of a dairy intolerance or medical reason, we will provide water instead.
We donft provide formula milk for children. Parents or guardians must feed their children before they come to our facility.

Sweet Home Kids Drop in Care
Unit 2 1380 Hillside Drive Kamloops