Drop in child care in Kamloops - Sweet Home Kids Drop in Care

Open Date and Hours

Monday to Wednesday 1:00pm to 5:00pm (Last drop in is 4:00pm)
Thursday and Friday 1:00pm to 8:00pm (Last drop in is 7:00pm)
Saturday 1:00pm to 8:oopm (Last sign in is 7:00pm)
Sunday Closed

Age Group and Number of Children

18 months to under grade 1
Max. 8 children at once


$7.00 per hour
No Registration Fee required

*Any late pick ups are $4.00 per 15 min with notice (please tell us by phone if you are going to be late) or $10.00 per 15 min without notice.
*For information about Repayment Policy, please see your Policy and Consent Form.

Hours for Quality Care

Max. 3 hours per day
Total 40 hours per month as max.
*We count every 30 minutes
*On a child's first visit, they may need some help feeling comfortable. You are welcome to take your child into the play area and help them settle in before leaving.
*Please take your child to the bathroom and feed them as needed before drop in care begins.


¡REGISTRATION FORM(Online or Printable)
There are 2 types of registration forms on our website. Fill out our online form or print it out and fill it out by hand. Please bring all printable forms into our shop.

¡CONSENT FORM (Printable)
Please read and fill up the date and sign your consent form. The Date and Sign page is the last page. You can sign your form and bring it into the shop or sign it at the shop. Also we have consent for form at the shop. You can fill up when you come
We will add your information to our children's record and contact you soon to confirm.

How to Use our Drop in Care Service

You can book a space or just come in and drop off your child.
Please pay the fee at our front counter first.
Your child get quality care and fun, you get a time for yourself
Please come back to pick up your children before 5 minutes to time end.
¡You can book a space,
¡or just come and drop off your child (We can not promise the space is always available).

Sweet Home Kids Drop in Care
Unit 2 1380 Hillside Drive Kamloops